The most common symptoms of stress.

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Each person is wired to feel some symptoms of stress. Stress is necessary in some situations because it makes our reaction time faster. If there is not an immediate emergency and you are stressed out you could be doing more harm than good. Knowing the symptoms of stress is helpful, so this article is going to look at the common ones.

Stress can cause us to feel the need to either eat too much resulting in weight gain or not eat enough resulting in unhealthy weight loss. If you feel too tense to eat, you may be skipping meals, and this isn’t a good way to lose weight, as you could be missing out on necessary nutrients. Some people also develop eating disorders that are stress-related, and these can also cause an unnatural reduction in weight. Eating the wrong types of foods can cause you to gain weight, just as easy as overeating. Food makes you feel better, this is called emotional eating. The results of emotional eating consist of becoming overweight and you will find it hard to cut back on calories. By managing your stress you should be able to take steps to manage your eating habits.

Impulsive spending habits is another common symptom of stress. This can mean impulse buying, going on frequent shopping sprees or gambling. For a while you will feel better after you have spent some money. This is not a great idea since the stress of the bills that you might not be able to pay after a therapy session can cause more stress. That’s why you should pay attention to your spending habits to make sure that stress isn’t causing them to get out of control.

People feel stress differently in different areas of the body. This commonly manifests through muscle aches in the neck, shoulders, and back. For example, if your neck is the area in which you normally hold tension you’ll probably feel a great deal of tightness and stiffness in the area quite frequently. While back pain may be a symptom of other physical conditions it is also commonly stress-related. If you’re noticing a fair amount of stress-related pain in one area you can attempt deep breathing to lessen the pain.

It doesn’t matter which stress-related symptoms you’re feeling, there are ways to effectively deal with them. It’s possible that you’ll experience one or more of the symptoms mentioned above or even some symptoms that aren’t listed here at all. But, stress related symptoms do not need to be a permanent condition for you to suffer with when there are so many ways to reduce stress.

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